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New(er) Music Artist/Producer!

2017-02-07 16:48:11 by DemureTrip

Yo, Newgrounds!

My name is Ryker, but I go under the alias of Demure Trip! I make music for fun, and I'm hoping to learn and get better, and possibly make music for a living! As a simple 16 year old producer looking to make a name for myself, it would mean a ton if ya'll would check my tracks out! Thanks a ton, seriously! :)


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2017-02-08 01:54:47

Welcome to Newgrounds, Ryker! (You have a cool name, by the way, haha.)

Your tracks are pretty good! To try to get yourself recognized, you should check out the Audio forum:


You can share your music here and get critique from other musicians.

Also, feel free to check out the Review Request club, too.


It hasn't been as active as it once was, but it doesn't hurt to post any song you want reviewed, you know?

I hope these links help you out! Good luck with being a musician here on Newgrounds! :)

DemureTrip responds:

Thanks a ton! I've been super busy, so I apologize for the delayed reply! Thanks again :)


2017-03-12 03:13:13

You're welcome! :)

(Sorry for my delayed reply, haha).